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Egoscue Posture Evaluation

Take a 20 minute posture exam and receive a custom menu of alignment corrections that will transform your life.

Posture has an effect on every system of the body:

Try it.  Slouch down on a couch for any length of time and try to get back up.  The body almost shuts down its ability to move.  It is no small surprise that internally there is an effect from crowding out organs, nerves, joints, muscles, blood vessels, and all the other parts of the body.  Even the emotions begin to stagnate.  Setting out to align the body is treating the mind, spirit, and body.  Come in for a postural analysis.  It only takes 20 minutes.  I recommend receiving a clear menu for your posture and setting course correction that transforms your life. 

Pete Egoscue takes a unique view of motion and gave us a set of exercises which enable the body to balance out its alignment.  The results are transforming.  His book, The Egoscue Method of Health through Motion, explains the philosophy of E-cises and the common patterns we see in our society.  His second book, Pain Free, is a menu of common physical problems so anyone can correct body alignment.  His third book called "Pain Free for Women" shows how these techniques apply for healthy child births and an approach for women, babies, children, and young teens that give us healthy families.  His latest book on "Lighten Up" covers the emotional impact of correcting our alignment.

Many oriental arts help with the both the physical and energetic alignment of the body. In practice Qi Qong and Meditation are great tools for balancing posture.  Not everyone gets into the rituals and habits of another era.  By training as an Egoscue Affiliate I am able to take a simple view of posture and re-create the misalignments with a stick figure.  Using a digital camera or even done manually by sight -- one can do a standard posture read and produce a unique set of E-cises that will bring that specific set of misalignments back into alignment.  Sometimes this is repeated several times because as misalignments no longer compensate, other compensations may fill in ... the body slowly goes through a series of corrections until one feels able to move again -- almost like being young again.  It reminds me so much of Qi Qong where daily effort feels transforming.

It is no surprise that most doctors today follow up any surgery with physical therapy.  Studies show it improves surgical recovery to be able to move as soon as possible afterwards.  Does postural alignment work?

The real question is why not use something makes us feel better every day?
The fact is Egoscue clinics have grown far beyond 20 clinics in the United States.  They often often form camps and seminars with people from all walks of life and are changing the way America views motion today.
It is the pragmatic approach to movement that gives Egoscue clinics and camps their staying power.
That is the exciting part to patients -- what will work and address the root cause of my condition?

Hundreds of patients have found relief when they could find it no where else ... recent studies show the Egoscue method is effective against sclerosis of the spine. It doesn't matter if the pain is internal, external, caused by trauma, or caused by deficiencies. Egoscue uses alignment principles to correct spinal problems, postural problems, and even re-balance the integration of muscles across the body.  Frozen joints, collapsed joint injuries from blunt traumas, bursitis, tendonitis, and most other traumatic injuries will feel relief from Egoscue E-cises therapy.

Pete Egoscue in a recent book "Lighten Up" claims to treat the body, the mind, and the spirit.

So how can the mind and spirit be effected by physical changes? The real question is how can it not be effected?
Often depression accompanies chronic illness. Anger follows pain. Joy and happiness often reflect a healthy and balanced person in many areas of their life. Fear and uncertainty follow from the lack of stability in life. Over-thinking often follows the lack of nourishment of our body, mind or spirit.
Many E-cises that re-align the body create a deep sense of relaxation through diaphragmatic breathing.  Integrated movement reinforces the proper care and feeding of the joints, muscles, nerves, and organs of the body.  This calms the mind, settles the spirit, pulls us out of deep depressions, and restores the burial of our spirit. These gateways open up new energetic responses to the physical, mental, and spiritual world around us.