Lowering Soaring Vital Signs

The most common complaint today is soaring vital signs. It comes with high blood pressure, high levels of triglyserides, high cholesterol, high levels of sugar in the bloods, and high levels of pain. Although my motto is lack of free flow equals pain, it is the body's attempt to get free flow back under control by fighting back the only way it knows how. The million dollar question is -- how does this body get help to fight back?

Vital Sign Training

Soaring vital signs includes many factors. Some of the more important one are:

  1. Zero Nutrition Sugars - the use of sugars that remove all nutrition from the sugar. This forces the body to fill in the needed minerals or trace elements to process them.
  2. Artificial Sugars - the sugars that are simply chemicals. The body's attempt to process these chemicals over time is worse than white sugar.
  3. Zero Nutrition Carbs - the removal of the kernel from grains. This forces the body to fill in nutrients to process them.
  4. Chemical Ingrediants - this includes chemicals to improve taste, flavor, texture, color, and length of storage.
  5. Fake Oils - these fake oils mimic good oils so they mix right in. It makes them hard to see, separate out, and understand through studies.
  6. Unresolved Stress - stress can be healthy, it leads us to move physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Stress needs a balance of peace, quiet, and harmony.

Vital signs can be lowered with practice. Many of these factors can be limited by choice. Even unresolved stress is a choice. My Dad once said to me, go ahead and fret about it, cry about it -- set your timer for twenty minutes and then do something for fun.

Vital Sign Exercises

Eliminate dead foods whenever possible, choose wisely yer poison.

  1. Eliminate sugar whenever possible.
  2. Avoid anything artificial.
  3. Avoid empty carbs.
  4. Chemicals are not good for the environment, don't expect them to be solve problems inside the body.
  5. Learn to enjoy the best oils.

  6. Embrace stress by balancing it.
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