Slap Kicking Workout Review

Warm Up Knee Level Kicks Chest Level Kicks Face Level Kicks
toe joints Inside Crescent Inside Crescent Inside Crescent
ankle joints Outside Crescent Outside Crescent Outside Crescent
knee joints Topside Ankle Topside Ankle Topside Ankle
hip joint circles/scoops Inside Round off Inside Round off Inside Round off
shoulder joints Lotus kick
wrist joints Side Right Side Right Side Right
wrist-elbow-shoulder-hip joints Side Left Side Left Side Left
neck joints-neck dips Mule down Back Mule level Back Mule rising Back
leg circles Kicks - leg up front to back
leg circles w/ hand Axe kicks out to in
crane dips Axe kicks in to out


Designed to kick up your heart rate and have some fun, slap kicking begins low to the ground at the knee level. It works itself around the body using various martial art kicks. The impact of each kick should be felt softly at the palm of the hand. Inside and outside crescent kicks, top of the ankle kick, slightly turn over and round off to the inside of the body. Kick side style to the sides. Kick mule style behind with a nice gathering of the elbows.

It begins to kick into gear as the target range moves to the front of the body. There all kicks are repeated adding a lotus kick. To make this transition, center the body and lift from the hip before kicking. Let the body mechanics carry the kick further up without strain.

Now we are into serious kicking. Move the target range to face level. Center the body and lift from the hip to effect greater range. This time we repeat all the same kicks minus the lotus kick and add the sliding heel kick up the back. Now warm up the entire leg by moving a leg upward as single line of force. Up towards the chest and keep working it around the body. Now you are ready for the finish line -- axe kicks followed by a long throw of the heel outward kick.

Joint Warm up

Synovial joins need movement. Movement moves synovial fluid in and out of the cartilage. This action provides nutrition and carries away waste. This movement is essential to cartilage nutrition and health. Always warm up before undertaking vigorous exercise.

  • Toe circles
  • Toe circles below ankles
  • Knee circles
  • Hip circles
  • Hip rotation
  • Shoulder circles
  • Wrist circles
  • Palms up and out - elbow inward movement, twist heel out
  • Palms down and out - elbow outward movement, twist heel in
  • Neck circles using knife edge of hand hand
  • Neck to chest, follow chin outward and back to center
  • Leg Warm up

    CAUTION - take six months to develop the ability to draw circles and do crane dips. Do not go quickly. Let your legs slowly gain flexibility. Let them slowly improve.

  • Draw circles
  • Hold foot with same hand, draw circles
  • Crane dips
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