Sacred Silence

This meditation is taken from the book "Awakening Spirits" by Tom Brown as taught to him by Grandfather, Stalking Wolf. This contains the bare essence of detail to help coach someone through sacred silence. As a best selling author of survival and nature books, Tom shares these unique methods of meditation and self-discovery -- truly "a native American path to inner peace, healing, and spiritual growth".

Lie down face up in a comfortable, flat area. Use a pillow to raise the knees slightly so the back has no strain. Have a blanket to cover the body to keep it warm during the session.

Sacred Silence Sequences

Check out the underlined key words, they signal where the concentration is placed for each sequence. The eyes should remain closed during the entire session. Italics shows key phases for the sacred silence coach.

Moving away from the Sacred Silence do the following.

  1. Stretch gently and move hands and feet slightly.
  2. Stretch gently and move arms and legs slightly.
  3. Slowly come to a full sitting position.
  4. CAUTION: this may cause dizziness or light headedness.

This deep relaxation sense may last up to an hour. Often it will be accompanied by an expansion of awareness. If reversing roles with a partner, wait at least thirty minutes before reversing. With daily practice both partners should be able to repeat the medition solo. After some more time, this meditation should be able to be repeated almost anywhere.

NOTE: Pain can be self-doubt, fear, failure, or any negativity.

Sacred Silence Worksheet by David Scott