Simple Reset of Hands and Feet

This simplified version of resetting the hands is a safe way to keep fingers, toes, hands, and feet aligned. It has been used in the martial art world to prevent joint problems. It has been tested on many patients with arthritis and autoimmune disorders where either the joints are problematic or the circulation to the extremities is compromised. In general, it seems to improve both situations. Expect to do this protocol for the long term as a part of the overall therapy.

All movements should be done in a layered fashion from light to deep and then back out to medium light. At least 3 to 5 passes are needed to work into the tissue.

Each extremity (hand or foot) should be worked between the metacarpel or metatarsal bone from close to the body where the bones meet the wrist out to where the bones help form the first knuckle joint.

Use the idea of a pole to create pressure in this ditch area -- the finger(s) in the palm or sole sandwiched with the thumb on top of the hand or foot. Work this pole feeling pressure between the thumb and fingers in a clockwise fashion for chronic or deficient problems. Traditionally this is said to supplement the movement of Qi through this area. Acute swelling should be managed with a counter clockwise fashion to help move the fluid out the area in an extremely cautious manner.

By repeating this daily or even 2 to 3 times a day, the area will balance the nerves, blood vessels, and tissue -- softening and centering their position within the hand. This effect will allow more nutrition into the extremities. It will enable more flushing of waste. The idea is to enable the body to do its best recovery and / or management.

Before preparing the extremity for a reset of joints, once can gently rub across the outside of the joints with the pad of the thumb to warm the area up before challenging it.

To prepare the extremity for a reset of joints, each ligament along the path of the joint is challenged. Essentially, the thumb creates a brace on one side for the nook of the bent finger (between the second and third joint of the index finger) to press and pull the ligament out of its comfort zone. Work the belly of the muscle to increase the likelihood of a good reset. The inner belly of a muscle contains the main nerve bundle which communicates with the brain.

The gentle reset movement of the joint should follow the natural movement of the joint itself. Hands have this gentle curve upward and outward. Feet have a natural curve downward and outward. This is not to pop the joint. Do not apply strong force. Use a gentle arcing motion and return it gently. Let the joint warm up and move as it decides over a long time period.

In the beginning, use less force. Give it time to learn how the body moves, how it resolves itself, how it softens with movement, and listen to the effect of each session. It should feel good each time. In practice each body is different, each hand is different, and the keys to improve each extremity is like a rubic puzzle. It is exciting to unravel it and see the improvement.

At the end of each session use the thumb to work into any painful spots. It is the body's way of communicating where it needs more help.

Reset Hands Protocol

  1. Palm Work: Pole exercises
  2. Finger Work: Challenge the ligaments
  3. Gently reset the joints: Up and out and back movement

Reset Feet Protocol

  1. Sole Work: Pole exercises
  2. Toe Work: Challenge the ligaments
  3. Gently reset the joints: Up and out and back movement

This document is created by David Scott -- a Holistic Practitioner using Traditional Chinese Medicine for health. These protocols are taken from Traditional Chinese Medicine as taught by Master Hsu Hong Chi in Taiwan and passed on by Mike Patterson of Hsing-I martial arts. Any errors or omission are probably due to me -- one of his senior students.
2009 David Scott -- All rights Reserved