Strengthening Yang

The Yang response is being challenged when a lack of function hits with chronic disease. So the idea is to strengthen and soften the Yang by treating the yin in major energy centers using the tuning fork.

If you can, hit it resoundingly on something ( a leather bag or mouse pad ) and then place the end of it on a point. If a tuning fork is not available, recreate the idea with a vibratory motion formed from the tips of the fingers converging onto the point.

  1. Grattitude
    Let that point get the maximum vibration by holding it on the end (not on the tuning forks). Relax and tune into the vibratory feel, try to follow its path within the body. Think mentally, gratitude as it wends its way.
  2. love
    Hit is again a second time and place it a second time on the same point. Relax and tune into the deepening of its course. Think mentally, love as it wends its way.
  3. Awareness
    Hit it again a third time and remove all thought. If a thought comes don't follow it. Let your awareness deepen. Let go of expectation or anything else going on at the moment.
  4. Do these three steps with each point.

Upper, Middle, and Lower burner points to strengthen are:

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