Centering the Knee

The knee itself is a complex joint that is not replicated throughout the body. It uniquely folds itself with a capstone which locks the bones into place. This patella can at times come off its alignment. The clearance of the bones as the knee folds is critical and can become shortened by various knee injuries. These exercises focus on increasing the clearance for the folding of the knee and opening up the knee with a natural springing motion.

First, warm up the knee by sitting and placing the palms on each knee. Breathe deeply inhaling into the belly. Continue inhaling while bring the breath up the spine and around the crown of the head. Exhaling, bring the energy into the shoulders, down the arms and into the hands through the knees. Feel the warmth penetrate the knees and flow off the bottom of the feet.

Second, begin to circle the knees with the entire surface of the palm from the outside to the inside. Circle the knee 36 times with the knees slightly bent to completely warm up the knees.

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