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AcuGraph Meridian Test

Take a 2 minute AcuGraph exam which reveals energetic imbalances in the body.  In 20 minutes know more about where you need to treat and how often.  Take home a detailed report on your energetic profile.

In the 1950s scientists began experimenting with the electrical readout of a small amount of current passed through the body.  To the surprise of many the points of least resistance corresponded to the acupuncture points across the 12 primary meridians.  The Chinese founded a medical system of treatment based on balancing these meridians by reading the pulse and tongue.  A good practitioner takes up to ten years to train and be sensitive enough to balance the meridians.  Chinese and Japanese researchers set out to refine this technique using volt ohm meters and perfected the art over several decades.  Recently, the refinement of electronic devices enabled a practitioner to get a simple readout in 2 minutes.  Suddenly, a simple diagnostic of digital meridian imaging can track the imbalance and improvements as a patient is treated with acupuncture, herbs, or any other modality to improve the health.

These rivers of energy known as meridians are shown below:

Notice each meridian is most active at certain times.  Pericardium is the tissue that surrounds the heart and is known by the Chinese as the protector of the heart.  Triple Burner represents the flow of energy from the lower burner to the middle burner to the upper burner and back.  They call it the triple burner because it has the greatest influence through the three burners.  Most meridians are named after an organ they pass through on their way around the body.  Energy is traditionally measured to move at about 1/2 the forearm with an inhale and exhale.  This means it takes about 277 breaths to move through the body.  It moves from Lung to Large Intestine and so forth until it comes back to the Lung meridian.  Do not confuse the names with Organs.  They represent energy movement which can be accessed from the surface of the body by acupuncture points.

Come in and test your meridian flows, it takes only 20 minutes and often reveals where weaknesses lie in a specific pattern of health.  This style of testing allows a fast, efficient analysis with advanced treatment options both in acupuncture points and herbs,

Using digital meridian imaging one can balance your energy and balance your life.  Once again one might ask does acupuncture work?

The real question is why not use something that shows it works?
The fact is during the 1990s the tide turned and Americans began spending more on alternative care than on traditional medical treatments. All the major medical schools transitioned from departments of quackery to departments of complementary (and later integrated) medicine.

Acupuncture is often viewed as channel theory. There is a series of channels in the body that move in an orderly fashion and cycle every 10 to 15 minutes. These channels coalesce at certain places and form reservoirs of energy and blood. This view, although correct, is limiting given years of intense research in parallel areas. Acupuncture like oriental medicine grew up in an environment of competing theories -- all of which were accepted to the degree that they work.

It was the pragmatic approach to medicine that has given oriental medicine and acupuncture its staying power.
That is the exciting part to patients -- what will work and address the root cause of my condition?

Hundreds of studies show acupuncture is effective against pain. It doesn't matter if the pain is internal, external, caused by trauma, or caused by deficiencies. Acupuncture on a motor point deep in the belly of a muscle causes that muscle to reset itself. If you reset both the agonist and antagonist muscles suddenly you can correct spinal problems, postural problems, and even re-balance the integration of muscles across the body. Frozen joints, collapsed joint injuries from blunt traumas, bursitis, tendonitis, and most other traumatic injuries will feel relief from motor point therapy. Add to the list of points, those that balance the internal network of nerves and organs -- then acupuncture begins to relieve suffering from chronic diseases.

Oriental Medicine claims to treat the body, the mind, and the spirit.

So how can the mind and spirit be effected by physical changes? The real question is how can it not be effected?
Often depression accompanies chronic illness. Anger follows pain. Joy and happiness often reflect a healthy and balanced person in many areas of their life. Fear and uncertainty follow from the lack of stability in life. Over thinking often follows the lack of nourishment of our body, mind or spirit.
Many points in acupuncture reflect names that follow the course of calming the mind, settling the spirit, pulling us out of deep depressions, and restoring the burial of our spirit. They are often gateways that open up new energetic responses to the physical, mental, and spiritual world around us.